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5 Traits Property Managers Look for in Renters


Great rental homes often attract many applicants, so how can you stand out? It helps to know what property managers look for in potential tenants. Here are five traits that can help you get selected and create a positive, professional relationship with your property manager.

1. Detail-Oriented

Many people sign lengthy documents without fully reading them. If you’re detailed-oriented, you will take the time to read through all of the information provided about the application process and the application itself. When reviewing your lease, don’t be afraid to dive into the details and ask questions. This shows property managers that you really care. You also want to be crystal clear about the rules, regulations, and expectations. Also, pay attention to the terms stated in the lease. What is the pet policy? Are there noise regulations? What rules must be followed in order to get your security deposit back? Let the details pave the way.

2. Responsible

Paying on time is a big part of being a responsible renter. Many property managers now allow you to pay online, so this is something you can ask about when looking at a rental home. Another great way to show your responsible nature and some forethought? Purchase renter’s insurance. It covers your belongings and protects you if someone visiting your home is injured while there. Renter’s insurance policies can vary, but the National Association of Insurance Commissioners states that renters insurance tends to cost less than $16 per month, which is about $190 per year. It’s a small price to pay for something that may really help you down the road.

3. Communicative

The best renters clearly communicate their questions and needs in a respectful manner. If you are a first-time renter or you are new to the area, good property managers are happy to provide you with helpful resources and recommendations. But they won’t know you need that information unless you ask. Additionally, if an issue arises such as the need for a repair, it’s important to quickly submit a maintenance request so that it can be dealt with in a timely manner. Many property management companies have an online system for submitting maintenance requests. Asking about this from the get-go, and then using it as soon as something happens, shows that you value open communication.


4. Aware

Property managers genuinely care about your needs as a tenant but they also have other clients. Our managers here at Windermere Property Management/West Sound work hard to maintain their properties and address the needs of both homeowners and tenants on a daily basis. Showing your awareness of their role and responsibilities means being mindful of their time just as you want them to be mindful of yours.  It is important that they respond in a timely manner, but if you contact your property manager outside of normal business hours, understand that it may take a little time for them to respond if it’s not an emergency. They may be showing a property, working with a vendor to get something fixed, or having dinner with their family. The best way to build your awareness from the start is to ask about the average turn-around time on maintenance requests and make sure you know who to contact outside of normal business hours.

5. Respectful

Showing that you respect the property and the surrounding community means a great deal. Property management companies highly value their homeowners and renters and strive to create a positive experience. The questions you ask about the home and the neighborhood can show what type of tenant you would be. As a tenant, little actions can really make a positive impact. Always clean up after your pet, follow parking rules for you and your guests, and maintain a tidy home. These actions may seem obvious to you, but they aren’t to some people. And, if a home isn’t properly maintained, a small mess can turn into permanent damage. Treating a rental home as if you owned it is the best approach. It builds trust and makes it a more enjoyable experience for everyone from start to finish.

Posted by: Tori Dotson on July 23, 2019
Posted in: Renters